How long do they last?

This is our most asked question by far! Your lash extensions last as long as you maintain them! We recommend getting fills every 2-3 weeks to keep them looking fluffly and fresh!

How are lash extensions applied?

We currently offer classic lash extensions, each extension is applied a single lash. Each of our lash stylists are certified and know how to properly apply extensions to prevent damage to your natural lashes!


Will they damage my natural lashes?

No! Our stylists' #1 concern is the health and integrity of your natural lashes. With this being said, we will not apply any extensions that are too long or too heavy for your natural beauties. We take pride in our lashes and would never compromise your own lashes.

What's a lash fill?

Fills are meant to maintain the fullness of your lashes! We lose lashes daily, usually 3-5 a day per eye. With that being said, you need to come in a get your lashes "filled" where old lashes have shed and new lashes have come in!


Can I wear eye makeup with my extensions?

You can wear eye make up such as shadow, eye liner and extension safe mascara. It is critical to keep your eye area clean, removing makeup and cleansing you lashes daily. Makeup can easily buildup along your lash line and can lead to infection and irritation if not removed daily. Make sure any makeup remover or cleanser has been approved by your lash stylist.

Will I be able to swim with my extensions?

Yes! We do ask our clients to keep their extensions dry for 24 hours following their appointment, but after that time frame you are free to swim, do hot yoga, workout, etc!