I have had spray tans before and they didn't go so well, Will i turn orange?

We get it!  But, a lot has changed in the technology of spray tanning over the last few years.  Plus there is a major difference between a booth and a Certified Tanning Stylist who will custom design your spray tan while giving you a color consultation.  Trust us, there is just no comparison once you have had a GCT tan!


how long do I have to wait to shower?

You will want to wait 8-10 hours to shower or sweat following your spray tanning appointment.  We recommend waiting 24 hours for heavy sweating and working out.

Will the tan get on my clothes?

Nope!  Our solution is only meant to attach to your skin and will not stain.  We recommend that you wear loose-fitting dark clothing following your tanning session, and avoid wearing tight clothing until after your first warm water rinse.  Sleeping in your tan is completely fine as well and your sheets are safe! 


What do I wear during my appointment?

This is completely up to you!  Most people do go totally nude because they don't want any tan lines.  We do offer complimentary disposable undergarments for use or if you wear your own stuff it will wash right out!

Can I spray on top of a sunburn?  What if I got a sunburn weeks ago?

Sorry dude, it's a no.  If you have gotten a sunburn and your skin is still healing, your tan will turn out completely different in areas of new skin growth.  Spray tanning on top of a current burn can cause further irritation and it will not look cute when it starts to peel. 

I just got a tattoo, can i get a spray tan?

Yes!  But please let your stylist know that you have a tattoo that is still healing so that we can provide you with the correct barriers to keep it protected and clean.


Can I book a tan if I am under 18?

Yes!  But minors under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.  Minors under the age of 17 must wear undergarments during their tanning appointment.

Can I spray tan while pregnant?

Most likely.  We do ask that you consult with your physician on this matter as all pregnancies are different.  We also advise that you mind the FDA recommendations regarding covering your eyes, nose and mouth during your session.  Breast feeding?  Let your stylist know, we have pads to help you stay covered!